Zipacna's Legacy
Zipacna's Legacy

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Jade French is baffled when she inherits her grandfather Zipacna’s home in Chi’país, Mexico. She’s neither seen nor heard from him in twenty-five years. If he hadn’t cared enough to keep in touch, what kind of place could it be? And why didn’t he leave it to her father?Friend Mari urges her to at least check things out. Jade argues that a trip to Mexico is out of the question right now. She’s too busy climbing the corporate ladder. Mari persists.No surprise: she didn’t inherit a home; it’s a rundown hotel. Big surprise: she decides to stay.More surprises are in store:Why will no carpenter take on the restoration project?Who is trying to scare her away?What is the strange energy emanating from the ginormous rock in the backyard?How did her severely broken ankle heal overnight?One thing does become clear, and it holds more of a mystery than the mountain of questions. The hotel is actually a school for advanced spiritual training. What! Why would Zipacna leave this to her? She has zero knowledge of the topic.Enter eight-year-old Miguel. Through his spiritual connection to Zipacna, he helps awaken a shocking asset: Jade’s seer and healing ability, which, through Grandfather’s lofty stack of journals, she comes to realize she had all along.A secret room imparts the knowledge she needs to embrace her spirituality and find a way to bring it to the world. She comes to terms with her legacy, repairs relationships thought long lost, and reopens the school.

  • Released: October 6, 2020
  • Author: Cindy Davis
  • Rating: 4,3
  • Publisher:
  • Total Page: 358 pages
  • File Size: 3981 KB

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